Cool Links
Google 1.0No tracking, no ads! Web search has bugs. Audio and image searches are broken
Asset DownloaderGet all your assets before max deletes them
Poker BotWork-in-progress
Captcha SolverBreaks captchas 78% of the time. Coming soon...
Account CreatorDisabled. Solve a captcha, get an alt. Build an army
Inbound Link FakerSpoof inbound links
Site SpammerDisabled
Moon Man Site SpammerDisabled
Random Site ViewerRefresh for a new site. Add ?site=# to the end of the url to view a specific site e.g. for site #1
True Random Site ViewerRandom assets
Random Moon Man Site ViewerIt works, but the pool of sites is very small
Random Spam Site ViewerFor the spam enthusiast
Pre-Approved Spam ListUse these assets to spam ytmnd. They have been pre-approved
Moon Man Site GeneratorAll out of ideas? Moon Man is NOT
Moon Man MakkkerMake complex Moon Man sites with the all-in-one voice server
Moon Crew BackkkupUpdated daily in case of bans
Moon Crew HeadquartersJoin the Moon Crew and receive protection from downvoters